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Snacks & Sides

Need a sweet or salty snack? We have candy, chips, popcorn and jerky for that. Or try one of our hot and fresh sides made with premium ingredients like 100% white meat chicken. Has reading this made you hungry? Come on over!
Snacks & Sides

Chicken Tenders

Chicken Wings

Chicken Dippers

Fresh Sides

7-Select™ GO!Yum Candy

7-Select® Candy

7-Select® Potato Chips

7-Select® Tortilla Chips

7-Select® Kettle Chips

7-Select™ GO!Smart Tortilla Chips

7-Select™ GO!Smart All-Natural, Light Popcorn

7-Select™ GO!Yum Kettle Popcorn

7-Select™ GO!Smart Popcorn Clusters

7-Select® Fruit Snacks

7-Select™ GO!Smart Yogurt Bars

7-Select® Jerky

7-Select® Snack Sticks

7-Select® Peanuts & Almonds

7-Select® Cookies

7-Select® Trail Mix

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