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Website Disclosure for 7-Eleven

The California Transparency in Supply Chain Act (sometimes referred to as SB 657) recently became effective and requires retailers and manufacturers doing business in California to disclose efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking in its supply chain.

7-Eleven, consistent with its commitment to conducting business in an ethical, socially responsible and lawful manner, supports the eradication of human trafficking and slavery and fully expects its suppliers to conduct their business in the same manner.

In furtherance of these standards of conduct, 7-Eleven is in the process of taking certain actions and implementing certain procedures to help support the eradication of human trafficking and slavery as described below:

7-Eleven is in the process of developing and implementing an internal verification of our direct supply chain to evaluate and address any potential risks of human trafficking and slavery which includes working with our wholesale distributor and bakery and commissary partners.

7-Eleven has a long standing practice of requiring in its supplier contracts that its suppliers comply with all applicable laws. This requirement includes laws prohibiting human trafficking, slavery and other forms of involuntary labor. Additionally, in many instances, these contracts give 7-Eleven the right to audit the books and inspect the facilities and operations of its suppliers and require our suppliers to correct any deficiencies or non-compliance that may be discovered.

As a further step in helping to prevent and eradicate slavery and human trafficking, 7-Eleven is in the process of obtaining from its distributor and bakery and commissary partners a certificate requiring the supplier to certify that materials incorporated into products delivered to 7-Eleven comply with the laws regarding slavery and human trafficking. Additionally, 7-Eleven plans to incorporate provisions similar to this certificate into 7-Eleven's standard supplier contract terms and other related purchase orders.

7-Eleven has not, as of the date of the posting of this statement, conducted any specific audit of its suppliers to evaluate supplier compliance with company standards for human trafficking and slavery. However, 7-Eleven plans to monitor our suppliers and will implement an appropriate audit should it determine that some products present a risk of being sourced through involuntary labor.

7-Eleven's Code of Business Conduct, which our suppliers are expected to adhere to, will be revised as part of developing company standards to prevent and eradicate human trafficking and slavery in our supply chain and this will include internal accountability standards and procedures for employees failing to meet such standards. 7-Eleven's Code is made available to all appropriate employees and personnel.

7-Eleven will also be providing to employees with direct supply chain responsibility information on human trafficking and slavery particularly with regard to mitigating risks within the product supply chain.

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