Pandemic Gives New Franchisee Deep Singh Opportunity to Shine in Community

When COVID-19 suddenly halted a California Franchisee’s store event, he looked for other ways to introduce himself to the community. And customers noticed.

Last December, California Franchisee Deep Singh purchased his first 7-Eleven store, an existing location in Chino, and the positive reviews soon started rolling in. “The new owner is the best. The customer service is top-notch.”

Three months later, Deep was ready to invite his neighbors to his store for a festive celebration. The event was planned for March 13, the day much of the nation shut down because of COVID-19.

Undeterred by local shutdowns, Deep, in an effort to support his local customers, decided to give away free Big Bite® hot dogs and make local donations.

Deep immediately set out to make a positive impact on his new community by donating snacks and drinks to the local police department and hospital staff. Realizing his customers might need help as well, Deep posted a sign on the front door of his store inviting them in for a free Big Bite hot dog. One mom who lost her job said she depended on the store to help feed her three children.

The customer said she heard Deep explain, “It’s fresh. It’s free, and you are welcome to eat as many as you like.” She went on to say, “I am so grateful to the store owner who has been very gracious throughout the past few weeks. I wish you guys the best of luck and will definitely spread the word. Great job.”

Another customer wrote, “Mr. Singh and his crew provide great service to the neighborhood. While there, I saw him giving away free Slurpee® coupons to the kids, which was very touching to me. So far this is the best store I have ever visited. They are like family to us, keep up the great work.”

Deep is introducing himself to the community both inside and outside his store, and people are taking notice.

“Deep is already showing his customers and the community that he cares about them,” said Field Consultant Michelle Abbott. “I truly admire his compassion and willingness to give back. Deep Singh is my 7-Eleven Hero!”

Agreed. New Franchisee Deep Singh is off to a great start. Congratulations on being selected as a 7-Eleven Hero!