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Think You've Got What It Takes?

Since 1927, 7-Eleven has given its customers what they want, when and where they want it. As the world's first convenience retailer, the inventor of to-go coffee, self-serve soda fountains and the retail pole sign, as well as the first to make a commercial drone delivery to a customer in the U.S., 7-Eleven prides itself on many firsts. And, after 90 years, we have no intention of stopping there. We continue to be customer obsessed by providing customers with new and innovative products and experiences.

7-Eleven was built on new ideas, especially those that meet customers' needs. We are constantly looking for innovative products and suppliers that align with our company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals, including a reduced packaging and energy footprint. We also look for quality, differentiation and convenience for our customers.

Why 7-Eleven and Speedway?

7-Eleven, Inc. is the premier name in the convenience-retailing industry, operating, franchising and/or licensing more than 13,000 stores in the U.S. and Canada. 7-Eleven aims to be a one-stop shop for consumers a place people can always rely on to deliver what they want, when, where and how they want it. This goal continues to shape 7-Eleven's ethos, driving its expansion into operating Speedway and Stripes locations.

7-Eleven, Speedway and Stripes' top priority has always been to give customers the most convenient and personalized experience possible. This includes diversifying their offerings beyond the traditional c-store assortment and putting innovative products on the shelves to meet the needs of their on-the-go customers. By giving up-and-coming brands the opportunity to enter a new retail channel, 7-Eleven allows small businesses to introduce their on-trend products to 7-Eleven, Speedway and Stripes stores across the U.S.