2 locations in Lemon grove

    2 locations in Lemon grove

    It’s late at night, and you’re hungry. Pizza sounds pretty good, but you also may want some chicken wings, or maybe even a ballpark style hotdog. Unfortunately, your local delivery place is closed. Thankfully, there are a number of 7-Eleven convenience stores located throughout Lemon Grove, California, and they all offer fresh, hot pizza and food at all hours of the day and night. At 7-Eleven, we understand that hunger strikes at all times. That is why we bring 24-hour access to fresh, hot foods to people in Lemon Grove, CA. So whether you are craving a late night pizza or a midday snack, we have everything you need to fuel up for the day ahead.

    Our 7-Eleven convenience stores in Lemon Grove, CA don’t just specialize in fresh, hot food. We also offer a one-stop-shop for everything you may need throughout the day. Stop in our your way to work and try a cup of our freshly brewed hot coffee, with your choice of the following artisan blends: hazelnut, french vanilla, Brazilian dark roast, blueberry and many others. Before you head out to start your morning commute, fill up your tank with our premium quality gasoline. Wherever the day takes you, know that your 7-Eleven convenience stores located throughout Lemon Groves, CA have you covered.

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      7733 PALM AVE
      Lemon Grove, CA 91945

      619-464-2141 Get Directions Visit Store Page

      7607 BROADWAY
      Lemon Grove, CA 91945

      619-469-8667 Get Directions Visit Store Page

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      • 91945