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Now I understand why some people lose their mind...This morning is the absolute last time I ever step into this store.I have for the last four years stoped in twice a day and never have I wanted to accualy smack some basic common sense and curteousy into another person. I walk in and greet everyone with a good morning this Monday morning at 8:20 and there is no vanilla french coffe or Hazelnut coffee, no half and half, I grabed 3 flavored creamers and all were empty.I wiped the coffee station clean of spills and trash and asked if they were going to brew more so I can wait and was told no because they have no more.. on a monday??? There was a new employee who began to swap out trash bags while patrons were pouring coffee and lifting the bags to counter height. As I was pour my coffee she was opening the bin from under me and looked at me like I was in her way and said excuse me and I said excuse me allow me to finish pouring please..How rude! You should not do that you can cause someone a burn or bad spill.a few extra seconds can make a huge difference. When I paid the same girl was told to ring me up and as I was letting my regular cashier know that the coffee bar needs to be serviced and the new girl tells me that I should learn some manners in a rude tone and tells me to leave because the other customers are waiting and yet she herself had not rung me up then I tell her that she us out of line and is the one that should treat others with manners and the other cashier told her to stop and apologize and the rude girl ask why should I and so I requested my money back and told her to allow all of the men that were in line to go ahead of me because they probaly need to beat the traffic she continued to insult me and it took all I had not to knock this teenager in her mouth. She said she didn't have pennies to give me my change and I said it's okay forget about the pennies as I stood there with my hand out waiting for my money she slammed it on the counter and I still don't know how I didn't curse her out. The other cashier aploigized over and over and the young girl would not shut get mouth. I am just too old for nonsense but I now understand how people lose their minds. Such a shame and I guess I will be getting my gas, daily coffee, breakfast sandwich and after school snacks with my two kids elsewhere because customer loyalty does not seem important to them enough to care!!!
This place is more like a fake 7-Eleven, the people aren’t like other places and there is a out of order sign on the restroom all the time
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