About our 7-Eleven Store at 239 E 14TH ST

How does a slice of hot pizza at 3:00 in the morning sound? Or what about a delicious donut, coffee, hot chocolate or mini tacos? With New York City being the city that never sleeps, and 7-Eleven always ready to serve its residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it’s the perfect spot for you and your friends after a fun night out. It’s also ready to be your go-to source for everything from toothbrushes to deodorant, and more.

7-Eleven is also perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner! While commuting to your job in Manhattan, stop at the 7-Eleven located at 239 East 14th Street, New York, NY. The fresh donuts, coffee options, fresh fruit and delicious breakfast sandwiches help give you energy to tackle the day.

If you’re a tourist for the day and going to visit Manhattan’s most sought-after spots, like the Empire State Building, Times Square, Bryant Park or Chelsea Market, and you’re looking for some low-cost, yet tasty food, rely on 7-Eleven to give you what you need. As we mentioned earlier, there are numerous options, including some of the most delicious Knish you’ll find in Manhattan.

What about electronics? Did you forget a phone charger this trip? Or did the one you have just break? Stop at this 7-Eleven, purchase a charger and your phone will be charged in no time!

With everything you need in one spot, 7-Eleven should be your stop for convenience and for options on all of your favorite brands and food items!

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