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Introducing 7Charge

You can find fast and convenient electric vehicle chargers at select 7-Eleven stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

7Charge is 7-Eleven's EV charging network. 7Charge offers a convenient, fast-charging experience for our EV customers. We are currently installing the 7Charge Network on multiple fast-charging stations throughout the United States and Canada. Download the 7Charge app today via the App Store or Google Play store to begin your EV charging experience with 7-Eleven.

7Charge is a network of publicly available, EV fast chargers owned and operated by 7-Eleven at our stores. Backed by 100% green electricity, our chargers are located on often-traveled corridors, in well-lit store locations that are staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week by our friendly store personnel. Paying for charging is easy via the 7Charge app or by credit card at the charger. 7-Eleven makes EV charging convenient. As we deploy 7Charge across North America, we aim to be your #1 choice for convenient EV charging!

7Charge EV charging stations are being installed in more and more 7-Eleven stores! To find a location near you, please use the 7Charge app. Click "Find a Station" or the map pin to find 7Charge locations!

Yes, 7Charge sites can allow you to charge any EV that is compatible with common CHAdeMO or Combined Charging System (CCS) plug types. Your Tesla can charge at any of our charging stations; just make sure that you have a DCFC fast-charging adapter for your Tesla’s proprietary charging port.

Yes, as a courtesy to other drivers trying to use the charging station, we ask that you move your EV when your charge is complete. Please note that some locations may charge an additional cost if you leave your EV plugged in after your EV has completed charging. Pricing policies are listed on the station port screen and in the 7Charge app. Drivers can turn on notifications from the account settings screen in the 7Charge app to receive an SMS and/or email once your charge is complete.

You can simply unplug your vehicle from the charger to end your session. Or, for some chargers, there will be a “Stop” button on the charger you can press to end your session.

If you are having trouble with a charging station, please contact our 24/7 charging support line at +1-844-711-CHRG (2474) or contact us using the customer support form in the app. Our team will help you find a nearby operational charging station if the issue cannot be resolved over the phone. You can also contact the 7Charge team via

Pricing for your charging session can be based on either energy (kWh) consumed and/or time spent charging depending on the laws of the state. There may be additional fees if a vehicle is left connected to the station for an extended period after the charging session has been completed. You can view the pricing policy for each of our stations on the 7Charge mobile app. Or if you’re at one of our 7Charge stations, simply scan the station’s QR code using the 7Charge app to view the station’s pricing policy and initiate a charge with your vehicle.

Within the settings menu of the 7Charge app, you can enable or disable text and email notifications to alert you when your vehicle has completed its charge.

Level 3 equipment, also called DC fast chargers, uses a high-voltage DC plug. Most Level 3 chargers can provide an 80% charge in approximately 30 minutes. This type of Level 3 equipment is not compatible with all vehicles, and the charge itself is not accepted by all vehicles. Level 3 chargers are being deployed across the United States in public and commercial settings. Check your vehicle guide to see if your EV can accept Level 3 charging. 7-Eleven is not liable for property damage or personal injury that may occur due to charging with incompatible vehicles or due to your use of charging stations. Please see our 7Charge terms and conditions of service.

7-Eleven's charging network is one of the fastest charging networks out there, but speeds do vary based on vehicle requirements. Each station’s listed power is a maximum charging rate that station can provide, but different factors can cause your EV to charge at a slower rate. Usually, the charging rate is limited because the vehicle is limiting the charging rate. The most common causes of a lower charge rate are:

  • The EV is limiting the charging rate because the battery is nearly full (example: over 80% SOC)

  • The EV’s maximum allowed charging rate is lower than the charger’s max charging rate

  • The EV is limiting the charging rate because the battery pack isn’t functioning correctly

Please refer to your EV’s manual to learn more.