Whether you’re a Golden state native or just on vacation, you can enjoy the convenience of our 7-Eleven stores throughout California. We supply everything you need to get through the day: gas for your daily commute, coffee and fresh breakfast sandwiches to get you going, and snacks and drinks to sustain you while you sit in I-10 or I-5 traffic on your way home from work. At 7-Eleven, we understand that your life is busy; that’s why we make sure our 7-Eleven locations throughout California are fully stocked to help you take on the day ahead, without slowing you down.

While we do have you covered during the week with our hot, fresh food on the go, coffee and gas, our 7-Eleven convenience stores shine when the California weekend rolls around. Stop by our stores on your way out to beach and fill your tank and your cooler in one convenient location. We have everything you need from bags of ice to cold drinks like water, sodas, energy drinks and beer -- the perfect recipe for a great day on the beach or relaxing by the pool. You can even stock up on chips and snacks to take with you while you are here. 7-Eleven has all of the supply of a small grocery store with the convenience that matches your busy lifestyle. Check us out at the nearest 7-Eleven location throughout California.