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Bistro Sandwich

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Stand up people working here. My girlfriend lost her phone and someone turned it in to their store. They called me and told me someone turned it in and we were able to go pick it up. I tried to give them some cash but he wouldn't accept it. A Huge THANK YOU!! Thanks to the person that turned it in as well.
THIS is the worse 7-11 I have ever been to and I have been to many!! I have the app so wanted to get my "free" drink RUDE older foreign woman practically yelled at me that I had the wrong cup!! So I went and got the "other" cup came back she was so nasty said 99 cents I said I have a free cup coupon here well she wasn't having it so we argued ha k and forth till I left my cup and walked out she was STILL yelling at me while leaving!!! I could not believe it!! I would NEVER set foot in that store again and oh will be contesting 7-11 headquarters regarding her!!! Stay away people!!!
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