1 location in Isla vista

    1 location in Isla vista

    Isla Vista is a scenic beach town on the coast of California in Santa Barbara County. Home to the University of California in Santa Barbara, this college town is packed with students, tourists and beach-lovers who all enjoy soaking up the California sunshine. Whether you are heading to the beach or staying up late in the campus library studying for a final exam, our 7-Eleven convenience store in Isla Vista has everything you need to prepare for the day or night ahead.

    Our 7-Eleven convenience store in Isla Vista is open 24-hours a day so you have continual access to fresh hot food, drinks and household items like toiletries and cell phone chargers. If you’re up late studying for a final or cramming to finish a paper, our 7-Eleven is close by campus and has everything you need to keep you fueled and awake so you can finish your project. Choose from our variety of energy drinks and freshly brewed hot coffee, with artisan blends such as blueberry, hazelnut and french vanilla. While you’re here, grab some snacks to keep up with your midnight munchies, or choose one of our large, fresh pizzas made with 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese to share with your study group. You can even pick up a cell phone charger while you’re here so you can charge your phone at the library and stay connected to friends via Facebook. Whatever you need, our 24-hour 7-Eleven convenience store in Isla Vista, CA has you covered.

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      6545 TRIGO RD
      Isla Vista, CA 93117

      805-968-0425 Get Directions Visit Store Page

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      • 93117