They say the city that never sleeps is up in the Big Apple, but anyone who lives in Washington, D.C. would argue that the place that never sleeps is really the District of Columbia. Whether you are racing down (or stopped on) I-495 heading into the hub of it all or racing down the office to the next meeting, you know that Washington D.C. is a bustling place that never seems to slow down. To help you stay ahead of everything the day throws at you, our 7-Eleven convenience stores are located throughout the District of Columbia and are open 24-hours a day. So whether you need a cup of coffee and tank of gasoline on the way to the office or a quick, hot lunch between meetings, our 7-Eleven convenience stores have everything you need.

Start your morning right with a cup of our freshly brewed hot coffee, available in a variety of artisan blends like Brazilian dark roast, hazelnut, french vanilla and blueberry, to name a few. You can also sip on the newest addition to our coffee station -- the smooth taste of our sustainable blend from Matagalpa. Don’t forget that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You can’t start your busy day in Washington, D.C. without eating one of our famous 7-Eleven breakfast sandwiches, including heart healthy options like turkey and egg whites. You can also come by one of our stores for a quick lunch break and choose from a variety of our hot, fresh foods, artisan salads, cold beverages and protein bars and snacks. Stop by our 7-Eleven convenience stores located throughout the District of Columbia, and experience the 7-Eleven difference today.