Whether you’re spending your Michigan day braving the bitter cold or beating the heat with some waterfront relaxation, 7-Eleven has you covered for everything you will need to enjoy the day. Located throughout Michigan, our 7-Eleven convenience stores provide you with everything you need without the hassle of going to a large grocery store. So whether you’re taking I-75 in for your morning commute or cruising down the highway toward the water, swing through your nearest 7-Eleven convenience store and let us help you prepare for the day ahead.

Before you hop on I-75 heading toward your office, fill up your tank with our premium quality gasoline and fill your stomach with our hot, fresh breakfast options. Pour yourself a cup of freshly brewed hot coffee, and maybe mix up your morning with one of our customer-favorite blends: Regular Exclusive Blend, Brazilian Dark Roast, 100% Colombian, Blueberry, Cinnamon, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Decaf and many others. Flavors and blends can vary by store. We also offer our famous 7-Eleven hot chocolate to help you get through the bitter Michigan winters. In fact, we are the second largest hot chocolate retailer in the United States!

Come by your local 7-Eleven convenience store and stock up on everything you need to enjoy the day, from milk and ice to coffee and hot, fresh foods. Check out your Michigan 7-Eleven today.