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I'm a big fan of this 7-11, and go there every day that I'm at work. They have a decent selection, super blow pops, and the girls that work there are pretty cute. The only bad thing about the place is the parking lot. The lot itself isn't terrible--it's a little beat up, sure--but it seems that when somebody enters the parking lot and the spots in front of the store are taken, they just park their car wherever they please. This drives me nuts. Is there yellow lines in that spot?!?! no? why are you parked there!?!?
This it to owner of store, It is one thing to hire people that can not speak any English to stock shelves and clean up the store but it's just stupid to put them up behind your register. Could not buy a lottery ticket because woman working counter did not understand how to read the kiosk and follow the directions.
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