Franchisee Muji Baqir

South Chicago franchisee feeds neighbors who have lost jobs.

South Chicago Franchisee Mujtaba “Muji” Baqir says he was taught “where one person eats, two can too.” So, when the COVID-19 pandemic forced many local businesses to close and his customers began losing their jobs, he took that lesson to heart and posted this message on Facebook:

“If anyone is not working and runs out of food, please don’t go to sleep with an empty stomach. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to send me a private message. We will be more than happy to share whatever food we have. I will drop it and go.”

His big heart and generosity drew the attention of the local newspaper and the Southwest Chicago Chamber of Commerce, which awarded him the “Community Champion” award for the month of April. When recognizing Muji, the chamber said:

“To be able to help the community during unprecedented times and offer food for people in need is completely priceless. Thank you, Mujtaba, for being a fearless and compassionate leader in the Southwest side of Chicago.”

Muji, who owns two stores in South Chicago, said several residents have taken him up on his offer, quietly, and received food from him.

“We have to be more grateful and able to help someone in need,” Muji said.

During these unprecedented times, Muji is definitely a fearless, compassionate and customer-obsessed leader, and an invaluable Brand 7-Eleven ambassador in the community.

Thank you, Muji, for Doing the Right Thing for your neighbors!