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Nevada Market Takes on Mask and Glove Donation Mission

Franchisees Sindy Kaur, Gary Sandhu, Rich and Linda Rose, Deanna Nollet, Dayna Cooper, and FC Justin Cassinelli and MM Jeff Montarbo

You’ve heard the saying, “It takes a village.” In Nevada, it takes a market. Franchisees and field staff wasted no time helping local hospitals and their staffs, who were caught short of personal protection equipment (PPE) when the coronavirus pandemic struck.

With Field Consultant Justin Cassinelli coordinating the effort, the “We’re all in this Together” mission took place early in the pandemic. The northern Nevada team donated and delivered thousands of masks and gloves to local medical facilities.

Justin started the day at Market Manager Jeff Montarbo’s house where the two loaded 4,300 boxes of supplies. Along their route, the pair met up with Franchisees, who were on hand to present the much-needed masks and gloves.

Franchisees Sindy Kaur, Gary Sandhu and Rich Rose delivered to Renown Hospital and Northern Nevada Hopes in Reno while Deanna Nollet delivered to Carson Tahoe Medical Center in Carson City. Dayna Cooper presented the supplies to Carson Valley Medical Center in Gardnerville.

Northern Nevada Hopes was in particularly dire need. On social media, they posted: “As of yesterday, we were down to 28 masks and scrambling. Then, the wonderful folks at @7eleven stopped by with 500 N95 masks! They also donated 1,800 to @renownhealth and thousands more to other local medical centers. Our front line medical team is relieved and GRATEFUL!!”

We are grateful for the caring Franchisees and employees who stepped forward to help front line employees when they needed it most.

Sindy, Gary, Rich, Linda, Deanna, Dayna, Justin and Jeff, you are all 7-Eleven Heroes!