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Franchise Owner and Team Make Sure No Customers are Hungry During Historic Texas Freeze

Dallas-area Franchise Owner Dalwinder Singh and his employee Sheikh Rahman offered fresh meals after weather left grocery store shelves empty.

In February, the state of Texas endured a historic winter storm that inflicted record breaking below freezing temperatures. For days, millions of residents were without power or access to food and running water, and icy roads delayed shipments to grocery stores causing long lines and empty shelves.

When a 7-Eleven customer visited Dallas-area Franchise Owner Dalwinder Singh’s store in search of food, the Franchisee’s employee Sheikh Rahman greeted her and helped the customer find everything she needed. Sheikh even offered to cook the customer a fresh meal so she could have something warm and filling.

“The store was open in this disaster and the only reason I have food right now. Total emergency hero!” said the customer.

Dalwinder operated his store tirelessly throughout the storm and during rolling blackouts to keep his store open to make sure no customer was left hungry.

Thank you to Dalwinder and Sheikh for your outstanding efforts to help feed hungry Texans when they needed it most. You are 7-Eleven Heroes.