Next Stop: South Korea

Your need for travel runs deeper than a Big Gulp® drink. That’s why we want you to break out your virtual passports and join us for a trip around the world as we explore different 7-Eleven stores and all they have to offer.

Seoul, Republic of Korea
86, Dokseodang-ro,
Seoul, Republic of Korea
Hygge Life

Hold on to your Big Gulp® because this time we’re making a stop in South Korea to see what they love about the Scandinavian-inspired Hygge Life while sinking our teeth into some local foods that just might make you question your life choices up until now.

Hygge Life: a Scandinavian style of home décor that encompasses cozy contentment while embracing the simple things in life.

We were blown away by how the South Korean culture embraces Hygge Life, which is intended to make customers feel relaxed and comfortable, with natural wood textures, soft lighting (great for selfies), and quaint dining areas (that begged us to stop and stay awhile). But as much as we dug the design, we were ready to get on with the show and feed our faces.

With an entire area dedicated to ramen, a plethora of tea choices, and bento boxes for days, we honestly weren’t sure where to start. But seeing how we packed our appetite for adventure we had to embrace the unknown and grab some banana milk (yes, it’s totally a thing), samgak-kimbaps (little rice triangles that are great on-the-go) and meat sticks called “hot bars” (that aren’t pretty to look at but oh, so yummy) to fully embrace our local side. It didn’t take long before our taste buds were doing back flips.

If you’re ever in South Korea, we highly encourage you to visit one of the many 7-Elevens in Seoul, embrace that Hygge Life and venture out of your foodie comfort zone.

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