When John met Melanie

What do you get when you combine the 80’s, 7-Eleven, and two very attractive people? Magic... you get MAGIC. This is the story of how John met Melanie. Make your heart smile today, and give it a read.

A 7-Eleven story fit for the big screen.

Dallas, Texas 1984

Shoulder pads were big, hair was bigger, and John Duncan was in town on a sales trip.

The scene opens. It’s John, stopping into 7-Eleven for his usual Slurpee® drink... what he calls ‘The Traveling Salesman Staple.’

It was your typical 7-Eleven... but there was something different... something exciting – and then he saw her.

We’re on the edge of our seats now. Will John’s smooth attempt at conversation be welcomed?

“I know who you are! You’re John Duncan,” said the girl with a giant smile, and equally giant Big Gulp® drink. “I’m Melanie Swanson, and we’re so happy to have your sister!”

The audience sighs with relief as the two of them are swept up in conversation on the cozy bench outside.

It was a conversation so delicious, John ran to a payphone (yeah, a payphone) to reschedule his sales appointment.

Good call, John.

As they finish their drinks, they finish their conversation, and reluctantly part ways.

Wait, what? John!?... why didn’t you get those digits!?

But we hold out hope. The magic of 7-Eleven works in mysterious ways.

Two months later, John finds himself in Dallas once more. He steps into another

7-Eleven for his ‘usual’ – a man of good taste…and good fortune.

It’s a typical 7-Eleven, just as before, but there’s that feeling again. It’s a magical place. “John Duncan!” says a familiar voice. Yep. It’s Melanie Swanson in all her adorable glory.

Oh John, you lucky beast.

The scene unfolds just as before. Melanie and her Big Gulp drink, John with his usual Slurpee drink, and conversation that flows smooth as molasses.

Ask her out already, John!

And as if hearing our cries from the other side of the screen, John asks Melanie on a REAL date.

Atta’ boy. Now for the adorable date montage.

Dallas, Texas 1986

John and Melanie find themselves together again, walking down the aisle... as husband and wife.

Their wedding theme? "Oh Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven."

Awe, we're flattered.

Now cue the cheesy wedding montage ending.

Head Over Heels by Tears for Fears is playing, the goofy yet reliable best man is giving his speech, and Melanie is throwing the bouquet to her bridesmaids.

The couple share a kiss, and credits roll – cue more Tears for Fears.

The happy couple still gives us credit for their chance meeting. John says they see 7-Eleven everywhere they go.

“One of the strangest things is the number of times over the years that we both will look at the clock and see 7:11. We have had receipts that show the time as 7:11 too.”

Awe guys... we think about you too.

Cheers to you both. May you have many years of happiness... and plenty more Slurpee drinks.

So, what have we learned?

Sometimes life gives you lemons, and you make lemonade... but when life gives you 7-Eleven, you may fall in love.


And when life gives you technology, you download a fierce delivery app with hundreds of your favorite 7-Eleven items at your fingertips.

See John and Melanie, we’ll always be there for you – if you’re in a participating area, of course.