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7-Eleven Space Invaders: Sergio Garcia

Meet Sergio Garcia, an East Dallas legend.

Dallas, Texas artist Sergio Garcia is no stranger to creating murals. You can spot his work around the popular entertainment hub, Deep Ellum. If you travel five miles from downtown, you’ll discover one of his newest creations. Nestled alongside one of our 7-Eleven stores sits the 3D sculptural masterpiece. “I got asked to do a mural through 7-Eleven and wanted to celebrate my sculpture work. It’s part mural, part sculpture,” he says. “The story behind the mural is just celebrating individuals and how people curate things in their life.”

Garcia happily embraces the challenges that appear while designing and executing a mural. “I really enjoy challenges in murals—pulling off things that I don’t think I can pull off,” he says. “I hope it brings color to people’s lives and is not just a brick wall.” Check out the video below for a peek at Sergio Garcia’s artistic process.

Garcia’s love for skateboarding influenced him to include a life-size skateboard covered with mostly 7-Eleven-inspired stickers. “Throughout my life, I’ve been a skateboarder, and I think I’ll forever be a skateboarder,” he says. “I remember being younger and picking out vibrant colored skateboard wheels and stickers.” Integrating the peacock book sticker is part of a collaboration between Sergio and Brainfreeze Season’s 2021 sweeps winner, Shanise Brown. 7-Eleven created this wonderful opportunity for a customer to collaborate with a well-known artist and receive the prize of a custom mural integration on the side of a 7-Eleven store in Dallas. The peacock book represents Shanise’s self-care devotional, What Now? Shanise shares, “To me, the book means that I spoke up for myself and those who are afraid to do so. It’s an outlet to help people on their journey in life!” “Once I saw the picture of my book on the wall, I was very excited,” Brown says. “The collaboration was great, and I am grateful for it.”

Garcia believes art is an early form of self-expression. He hopes the mural inspires others to do the same, if not bigger.

Mural Location: 8010 Southwestern Blvd, Dallas, TX 75206

7-Eleven Space Invaders

Our Space Invaders program is a content series that celebrates local artists and our communities through engaging murals. This feature celebrates your story through a collection of short videos and stunning photography, the making of the mural, and its connection to the 7-Eleven brand and the local communities we serve.