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Movie Night Snacks Secured

Bring the movie theatre snacks and drinks to your own home with 7NOW® delivery.

Picking a movie to watch can be a lot of pressure. But getting the movie snacks and drinks shouldn’t be any pressure. We all have our fav movie night snacks, and no one should sacrifice what they need to enhance their viewing experience.

Someone wants “candy near me”, another person asks for “soda near me” and you’re thinking about “pizza near me”. Maybe you’d all like great wine under $15, too. What place has it all? Your closest 7-Eleven does.

The best part of a movie night in is the ‘staying in’ part. So obviously you gotta order in all your movie snacks and drinks. But food delivery can get expensive and take forever. 7NOW® delivery brings you exactly what you’re craving, at a reasonable price, in about 30 minutes.

Here are some ideas to inspire your next movie night snack spread:

Comedy: Slurpee® drinks

Laughing and chewing don’t go hand in hand. Sip on something good instead. Mix your favorite flavors for the perfect Slurpee® drink combo.

Romance: Red Wine and Ice Cream

When a movie tugs at your heartstrings, you need the ultimate comfort snack. Pair a glass of Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon with any flavor of 7-Select™ GO!Yum® ice cream your heart desires.

Action/Thriller: Bone-in Wings

A movie packed with suspense calls for a snack packed with flavor. Just wing it with classic wings for the unexpected plot twists. Try kicking up the heat with the buffalo wing flavor to match the kickass movie stunts.

So, have you picked a movie yet?

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