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7-Reserve™ Costa Rica Coffee

Quality coffee you can taste in every sip.

Flavor Profile

  • Medium

  • Vanilla Aroma. Honey Flavor.

  • Limited time only

  • Rainforest Alliance Certified

History of Costa Rica Coffee

Meet the robust flavor profile of this Costa Rican coffee bean. The first settlers brought coffee growing to the West Valley, where 25% of Costa Rica’s coffee production takes place. The West Valley produces a high quality bean because of its pleasant microclimate throughout the year with well-defined dry and rainy seasons. Beans are grown in volcanic soils and the slopes of the Western Central Mountain Range.

About the Coffee Source

Why the West Valley? Our coffee comes from small, local farms in the Western Valley region. Hacienda Candelaria and Beneficio Santa Eduviges are both family farms in Alajuela, West Valley that have been operating since the 1960s. We also get our coffee from Coop Libertad, which is a cooperative of small and medium coffee producers that grow high quality coffee 1200 meters above sea level in the West Valley region. Our rich coffee blend offers a complex variety of flavors due to the high altitude, stable climate and soil enriched with volcanic ash.

Find the Coffee

Now that you know where the coffee in your cup is coming from, go try it for yourself! Our 7-Reserve™ Costa Rica coffee is only here for a short time. Grab the coffee to go at your nearest 7-Eleven and enrich your daily commute. Pair it with a breakfast item to start your day.