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There's a chubbier blonde male with glasses and an untrimmed beard that does 3rd shift who was very rude to me as I simply just asked for change. All I wanted was change for a $20 bill and he kept acting very snarky and just turned me away. His first words to me was “WHAT DO YOU WANT”, not even a simple Hello, Welcome, or good evening. Overall, the other staff is pretty great. I guess there’s always that one bad apple that spoils the bunch.
There's a chubbier blonde male with glasses and an untrimmed beard tht does 3rd shift. It took him a minute to get to the counter. I waited patiently. He did not say one word to me. Waited for me to say what I wanted. I said could I have 10 dollars on pump 6 please. He snatched the 10 from my hand and said thanks very shortly to dismiss me. I've worked in gas station retail before on 3 Rd shift. I get it. There's a lot to clean, stock and do whatever. But I was the only one in the store and in the parking lot. I do not understand the need to be so rude to me. I normally stop at this gas station on my way back to Midland, but because of this unpleasant disgrace of a customer service representative, I will no longer be giving this store any of my business.
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