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Seattle, WA 98103-8632

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The KeyMe machine crashed while I was using it. I wouldn't typically blame this on the store, but when I ask the cashier about it they said they'd called the KeyMe company multiple times - so they definitely knew that it was an issue. Just shows a lack of accountability for things you choose to put in your store.
I’ve been to a lot of places in my life where the customer service was bad and I’ve never felt the need to make a review until now. The level of disrespect and unprofessionalism I received from the owner of this store was just beyond me. You have to be one miserable person to judge and blatantly offend the people who come and spend their hard earned money in your establishment. This man called the police on me, knowing that my fiancé and I come in here everyday and spend $20 - $30 at a time in here all because “I used too much creamer” in my coffee. Being called poor... im a restaurant manager was the highlight of my day. I will NEVER visit another 7/11 again. This place is a joke.
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