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Florida Brothers Give Away Hard to Find Groceries

Franchisees Dave and Rocky Singh

Franchisees Dave and Rocky Singh strive to be good neighbors every day, but when COVID-19 hit their community, they knew they needed to do more.

So, the brothers, who own multiple stores in Florida, handed out more than 1,100 bags of much-needed and hard-to-find groceries to customers at their store in Daytona Beach.

“Everyone’s going through hardship in these uncertain times and, I think it’s not only our duty but our responsibility to help each other out as family,” said Rocky.

Dave and Rocky handed out fliers, and the Daytona Beach News Journal announced the grocery giveaway. On the day of the drive-through event, Dave, Rocky and their employees handed out bags of toilet paper, eggs, bread, water and more to grateful residents while they stayed in their cars.

“We need to come together,” said Dave, adding that some people were so thankful for the help, “They’d just cry.”

“This community really needs them now, and they’re taking care of them,” said Florida Zone Leader Jim Summers, “I can’t tell you how much I know they are the real 7-Eleven Heroes.”

Thank you, Dave and Rocky, for going above and beyond to serve your customers and representing the 7-Eleven Brand so well by being Customer Obsessed, Doing the Right Thing. You are 7-Eleven Heroes.