Florida Franchisee is an MVP to Local Schools

Franchisee helps kids get creative when COVID-19 forces school closings.

As a Florida Franchisee with three stores, Sukaran “Kevin” Singh has lots of opportunities to give back to the community, and he takes advantage of almost every one of them. He especially has a soft spot for public schools, teachers and students. So, when the pandemic caused schools to shut down, Kevin looked for other ways to help local kids.

Two of Kevin’s stores are in Port Orange, with one less than a half-mile from Atlantic High School. Since becoming a Franchisee in 2014, Kevin has used the 7-Eleven Project A-Game® grants program to help fund school activities, offered in-store lunch specials for students and catered on-campus meals for staff.

After the pandemic sent students home for virtual learning, Kevin continued to help with donated meals for students and staff. He set up grab-and-go breakfast ready to serve hundreds of hungry seniors – all before the early morning graduation practice. Not wanting the school staff to feel left out, Kevin turned around and delivered lunch to them the same day.

“Because of Kevin’s history of helping, the school knows they can count on him,” said Field Consultant Jim Simpson. “He shows by his actions that he will choose to do the right thing any time he can.”

Kevin’s other two stores also have positive visibility in the community. His Daytona Beach store caters lunch to a nearby police sub-station and is active in the department’s community policing efforts to reach kids. Kevin donated Slurpee® drink coupons so patrol officers could treat kids who were celebrating birthdays at home away from school and their friends.

At his third store, Kevin held a drive-through customer appreciation last 7-Eleven Day. It was a hit! Kids received small gifts while their parents got goody bags to help them through the pandemic. He received lots of thanks from customers for his kindness and generosity.

“Kevin is the type of Franchisee who puts the community’s needs above his own and continues to give back to his customers and the community,” Jim said. “He is a great Brand Ambassador for 7-Eleven, and I am honored to work with him.”

Congratulations, Kevin, for being a 7-Eleven Hero!