Oregon Franchisees Simran Samra and Naeem Khan Serve up Great Idea to Feed Local Kids

From a single handmade sign and a couple of enthusiastic Franchisees, a movement to feed kids catches on.

It started small, with a handwritten sign taped to the hot foods case in Oregon Franchisee Simran Samra’s stores: “We understand that schools are closed and that some families rely on school lunches. So Monday-Friday, 11 a.m.- 12 p.m., kids 18 and younger can have a slice of pizza and a banana with a Big Gulp on us!”

Fellow Franchisee Naeem Khan loved the idea and joined Simran by offering lunch to kids in his five stores. Soon, more Franchisees signed on. According to Market Manager Seth Moore, over 70 franchised and corporate stores in his market alone participated in the school kids lunch campaign. As a result, tens of thousands of lunches were served to Oregon, Northern California and Washington kids.  

“Simran saw a need when local schools first shut down because of the pandemic, and many kids who relied on school lunches were going unserved,” Seth said. “Naeem quickly championed the initiative and adopted it in his stores, driving participation in local 7-Eleven stores.. They rallied Franchisees behind the cause.” 

Simran’s free lunch offer for kids hit social media, and her idea spread like wildfire.

“Simran has a huge heart, and her generosity embodies our Leadership Principle, “Do the Right Thing,” Seth said. “While Naeem really showed an ‘It Can Be Done’ attitude when he jumped on board and played an active role in getting other Franchisees involved. Their efforts continue to make Brand 7-Eleven shine daily.”

Thank you, Simran and Naeem, for being 7-Eleven Heroes!