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Long Island Franchisee Steve Keshtgar’s Grocery Give-away Helps 500+

New York Franchisee Steve Keshtgar

Balloons, banners, tents, radio station remote, lots of food and smiling people. New York Franchisee Steve Keshtgar’s store extravaganza looked a lot like a 7-Eleven grand opening, but this big event was all about helping others.

Inspired by a video he saw of Florida Franchisees Rocky and Dave Singh holding drive-through donation events, the Brentwood Franchisee wanted to share the spirit of giving in his own Long Island community. Steve got to work collecting much-needed groceries and household necessities. He and his employees packed bags with soup, tuna, eggs, paper towels, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, bread, chips and bottled drinks.

To promote the grocery giveaway, Steve handed out fliers at the store, local businesses and throughout the town. He contacted a local radio station, which promoted the event and showed up to kick things off, keeping the music going until the very last bag of groceries was handed out to a thankful resident.

Cars lined up early at Steve’s store for the first come-first served drive-through grocery handoff. His team distributed half of the bags in the first 30 minutes. Customers thanked Steve and 7-Eleven for their generosity, some through tears so grateful were they for the donated essentials.

Masked workers and volunteers had given away 1,500 bags of groceries by the time the event ended.

7-Eleven Vice President Dennis Phelps said, “A huge thank-you for the great work Steve Keshtgar is doing at his store today …. Very proud of Brand 7-Eleven for doing the right thing, and a big part of our brand is made up by great Franchisees like Steve.”

Steve, thank you for being a 7-Eleven Hero!