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Oregon Franchisee Creates his Own ‘Lunch Bunch’ with Free Kids’ Meals

When local schools closed in response to the growing COVID-19 pandemic, Oregon Franchisee Bill Huffman, was hungry to help.

Bill knew kids who qualified for the National School Lunch Program had suddenly lost access to their midday meal. To help, he created a special kids’ “Meal Deal” lunch – a free slice of pizza, banana and Big Gulp® drink. Each weekday, between 11 a.m. and noon, kids up to the age of 18 could stop by his stores in Coos Bay and North Bend and grab a meal deal. And thousands did.

In six weeks, Bill and his stores donated more than 3,800 meals to kids – the value of those “free” lunches topped $14,000. Bill’s support in a crisis – priceless.

“Bill figured out a way to give back to those customers who shop in his stores every day,” said North Pacific Market Manager Jason Mollet. “He has been a beacon of light in this dark environment, and it is kindness like Bill’s that helps keep our brand at the top of the customer’s list.”

Thank you, Bill, for taking care of your neighbors and representing 7-Eleven so well. You are truly a 7-Eleven Hero!