Orange County Franchisees Paul and Manjeet Ghuman Have a History of Helping

Feeding kids and supplying first-responders during COVID-19 is just the latest example of couple’s generosity.

Southern California Franchisees Paul and Manjeet Ghuman have a long history of helping their neighbors in Orange County where they own five stores. So, when COVID-19 closed local schools and businesses, the couple rolled up their sleeves and got busy doing what they do best – giving back and serving others.

For kids who no longer had access to school lunches, that meant offering a free slice of pizza and beverage at lunchtime. The Ghumans donated 3,500 masks, hand sanitizer, water, chips, cookies and drinks to the Fountain Valley fire department and Santa Ana police department.

“Paul and Manjeet are always giving to the community. In fact, they do so much, it’s hard to remember everything. It didn’t start with COVID-19. They have been serving their communities for years,” said Market Manager Jonathan Reyes.

When the Greater Los Angeles Zone sponsored a care event for first-responders, Paul asked his store manager to deliver chips and drinks to local police stations for officers unable to stop by his stores. He also regularly donates fresh food to local food banks.

Franchisees since 1996, Paul and Manjeet have been doing the right thing for almost a quarter-century. These five-store Franchisees are also five-star Franchisees. Paul and Manjeet Ghuman are true 7-Eleven Heroes.