Chicago Franchisee Helps Overlooked Front Line Workers Stay Safe

Addiction Treatment Center Employees in High-risk Environment Receive Mask, Glove Donation

Chicago Franchisee Shahzad Bashir recognized that hospitals and first-responders aren’t the only ones on the COVID-19 front lines. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers serving economically challenged communities have been hit particularly hard by the virus, and Shahzad wanted to help the employees at Haymarket Center.

Haymarket Center, the largest not-for-profit, community-based adult detoxification, residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment facility in Chicago, serves a vulnerable population. Employees see patients, visit homeless camps and take cases refused by other centers.

Recognizing that risk, Shahzad donated masks and gloves to protect the essential and dedicated Haymarket workers from exposure to the virus.

While other treatment centers have been forced to close, Haymarket has been able to remain open. Thank you, Shahzad, for taking care of the front-line workers at Haymarket Center so they can take care of the community. You are a 7-Eleven Hero!