Where There’s a Need, There’s California Franchisee Mann Sachdeva

When COVID-19 hit, Mann did what he always does – rolled up his sleeves and got to work helping others.

Los Angeles Franchisee Mann Sachdeva has a passion for serving others, a trait he attributes to his upbringing. His recent support of his neighbors affected by COVID-19 points out a fact that Mann’s friends have known all along. Where there’s a need, there’s Mann, looking for ways to help.

When he heard of a PPE shortage, Mann quickly sourced hand sanitizer and 1,000 masks to donate to essential workers, first-responders and St. Francis Hospital staff. He also took part in a COVID-19 food giveaway sponsored by a local councilman, giving away lunches, pizzas, bananas, water and cookies to local families.

On weekends, Mann and his employees are often busy donating and volunteering at local school, police, neighborhood, city council and church events near his stores.

“Mann is always willing to help and constantly looks for ways to give back to his community,” said Market Manager Dennis Francis. “He feels that it is the right thing to do, and that those who can help, have a responsibility to do so.”

Mann joined 7-Eleven as a sales associate when he was 18. A hard worker, he quickly learned the business and was soon promoted to management. He franchised his first store in 2011. Today, Mann has four stores in south Los Angeles and Inglewood, mostly located in lower income areas.

Congratulations, Mann for doing the right thing for so many. You are a 7-Eleven Hero!