7-Eleven Store Associate Muhammad Iqbal’s Trust Wins Over Customer

No gas, no ID and no money. This customer’s day was getting off to a rough start when a 7-Eleven employee’s small gesture saved the day.

Customer Jeffrey Williams was late to work when he pulled into Franchisee Dipali Shah’s store in Bealeton, Virginia, to get gas. Only then did he discover he had left his wallet at his home over an hour away, leaving him with no ID or way to pay. That’s when Store Associate Muhammad Iqbal transformed this customer’s experience from zero to hero.

The appreciative customer wrote a letter commending Muhammad’s gracious understanding of his situation. “After explaining, he offered to provide me with $15 worth of gas and told me to come back and pay him when I could return. I offered to leave my vehicle registration. He said he ‘trusted me’ and allowed me to gas up and make it to work on time.”

This small gesture stood out to Mr. Williams. “I have worked in retail a long time, and this level of customer service and dedication to his job needs to be recognized”, he said.

“This may have been a small act of customer service, but it was a huge act to me.”

Mr. Williams went on to say that he will seek out a 7-Eleven store for gas and other items over competitors’ stores because of the outstanding customer service that Muhammad displayed. With this hurried customer, Muhammad showed how a simple kindness can change a person’s day.

Congratulations to Dipali for having a great store and staff, and to Muhammad, for this deserved recognition from a thankful customer. You are both 7-Eleven Heroes!