The Only Wine List You’ll Ever Need

We’re all about taking your dinner party to the next level. Checkout our convenient list that’ll pair your delicious dinner with one of our delectable wines.

You don't get wine, but we get you.

What if we told you that you can look good, and still put zero thought into your last-minute wine stop? Convenient, right?

Consider this your go-to wine guide from the “Sorcerer Supreme of Convenience."

We’ve done all the work, you get all the credit. Magic.

​If you want to look sophisticated on a budget.

The Wine: Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio

Your Reason for Bringing:

“Ecco Domani” is Italian for “here’s tomorrow,” and is made from hand-picked fruit of the Tre Venezie region. And I mean… look at that bottle – so modern, so sophisticated.

If you don't know anything about wine but want to learn.

The Wine: Woodbridge Chardonnay

Your Reason for Bringing:

Experts say that a Chardonnay is the perfect starter wine for beginners. The Woodbridge Chardonnay has a finish so buttery-smooth, it's sure to disguise any "first-timer". That way, it stays our little secret.

If your ex is going to be there.

The Wine: Voyager Point Sauvignon Blanc

Your Reason for Bringing:

You've practiced saying, "It's fine. I'm totally fine", in your steadiest voice. Now all you need is a wine that says, "I don't need you, I'm better off alone", and doesn't stain your teeth red. You've got this, champ. 

If you're feeling progressive.

The Wine: Dark Horse Canned Pinot Grigiot

Your Reason for Bringing:

There's nothing better than portable deliciousness. Canned is the ONLY way to drink wine now. At least, that's what you'll be saying as you throw empty cans of Pinot into the recycling bin like a pro-baller who ALSO loves the planet.

If you need something more portable.

The Wine: Vendange Chardonnay Carton

Your Reason for Bringing:

Going to the river? Sneaking a wine into the theatre? Grab a carton of Vendange Chardonnay. It won't blow your cover, plus you can share it with friends - or not. Who needs friends when you have wine in a box?

If you're day drinking.

The Wine: Lamarca Prosecco

Your Reason for Bringing:

There are two types of day drinkers - the "Racers" and the "Pacers". The "Racer" goes hard for a couple of hours, and hits the sack before noon. You want to be the "Pacer" - this crisp Prosecco will have your back. The effervescence ensures you'll float through the day at a sparkling pace. Just sip it chilled and remain cool.

If you're also bringing cheese.

The Wine: Ménage à Trois Red Blend

Your Reason for Bringing:

The Ménage à Trois Red Blend is best paired with an aged white cheddar, or smoky cheese if you’re into that. Put the meat and cheese on a platter, and wrap a bow around that bottle. BAM – you just became the best-looking guest at the party.

If it's a Netflix and Chill kind of evening.

The Wine: Yosemite Road® Vineards Pink Moscato

Your Reason for Bringing:

This Moscato isn't white, and it isn't red... it's something in between - probably like your relationship status. Serve it in a chilled glass, and let this flirtatious pink wine to all the talking.

Wink wink.

If you STILL don't know what to get.

The Wine: Apothic Red

Your Reason for Bringing:

Alright, here’s the ace up our sleeve. The Apothic Red is a blend of Zinfandel, Merlot, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon – indecision’s never tasted so intentional.

Now that you have the only wine list you’ll ever need, let’s find the last-minute wine stop nearest you.