Dinner Party Wines

Got a dinner party? We’ve got the wine for it.

Red, white and you.

We’re all about taking your dinner party to the next level, but dinner parties can be difficult.

The guests have arrived. You’re having fun, but also tiptoeing on the edge of disaster. Things can get awkward real fast. The least you could do is pick the right wine. It’s your secret weapon.

Someone starts talking politics? Smile and sip. Family prying about your relationship status? “Oh look, my glass is empty,” you interrupt, “time for a refill.”

Awkward is less awkward with the right wine.

We can’t be there to protect you when things get weird, but we can definitely support you with the right wine for your meal.

Check out our convenient wine list. We have some delectable recommendations that pair well your delicious dinner.

What flavors are in your glass?

If You're the One Cooking

Voyager-Point-Sauvignon-Blanc-Wine-7-Eleven.jpg Voyager Point Sauvignon Blanc
You’ll be in the kitchen a while. Start with something light. You don’t want to be THAT person at the end of the night... again.

The Italian Spread

Yosemite-Road-Cabernet-Sauvignon-Wine-7-Eleven.png Yosemite Road® Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon
An herby and tannic Cabernet pairs nicely with pasta sauce. And just a tip - if you’re serving salad as a first course, start with something lighter like the Yosemite Chardonnay. Now you're a connoisseur.
Barefoot-Moscato-Wine-7-Eleven.png Barefoot Moscato
This Moscato is light, crisp, and sweet – perfect for a night cap with the boss and his wife (you know, the one who snorts when she laughs).

The Classic All-American Spread

MarkWest-Pinot-Noir-7-Eleven.png Mark West Pinot Noir
A hearty red that pairs well with turkey, gravy, and family members with zero self-awareness.
Vendange-Chardonnay-Wine-7-Eleven.png Vendange Tetra Chardonnay
A buttery chardonnay to compliment your after-dinner cheesecake... and the bitterness of your feuding aunts.

The Spread with Some Spice

JoelGott-Pinot-Noir-Wine-7-Eleven.png Joel Gott Pinot Noir
Pinots are versatile and food-friendly – like the golden retriever of wines. Woof. The Joel Gott Pinot Noir is versatile yet strong. It holds up well next to the various flavors in Latin cooking.
Voyager-Point-Red-Wine-7-Eleven.png Voyager Point Red Blend
Another red? Oh yeah. A red blend is a wonderful transition from a Pinot Noir. Perfect to keep the party going... but not too long. Don’t forget what happened last year.

The Friend's Potluck

TrojanHorse-Chardonnay-Wine-7-Eleven.png Trojan Horse Chardonnay
Odds are, you’ve dated someone at this gathering – we all make mistakes. The Trojan Horse Chardonnay will help wash down regret and the mediocre food your friends make. Giddy up.
TrojanHorse-Pinot-Grigio-Wine-7-Eleven.png Trojan Horse Pinot Grigio
Yep, Trojan Horse again. Consistency is important – that and living your best life... but one step a time. For now, just focus on the wine.

The Seafood Spread

Yosemite-Road-Pinot-Grigiot-Wine-7-Eleven.png Yosemite Road® Vineyards Pinot Grigio Colombard
A crisp white wine to pair with your fish – plus you’ll sound so prim saying “Pinot Grigio Colombard."

*Pinky up
ClosDuBois-Chardonnay-Wine-7-Eleven.png Clos Du Bois Chardonnay
Start light, finish light. “Bright, vibrant flavors of lemon and pear are layered with hints of brown spice, and nuances of creamy custard – a beautiful way to end the night.” Say that, and you’re #fancyforever.

The Backup Plan

Lamarca-Prosecco-Wine-7-Eleven.png Lamarca Prosecco
Takeout and Prosecco? That’s a party. You’ve already broken the mold, might as well go all the way. Go on, grab that bubbly, you crazy beast.

There you have it – the most honest wine pairing ever. We wish upon you the "Unicorn" of dinner parties.

May the night go as smoothly as the wine you're drinking. Cheers.