The Breakup Kit

Dry those tears and perk up, buttercup. We’ve got just the kit to help get you through the funk.

Cheer up, buttercup.

This kit will have you on your way to drying those tears, and swiping right for your rebound.

7-Select Premium Tissues:

A wise woman once said, “big girls don’t cry.” And that song by The Cure sets the same standard for you boys... but all bets are off during a breakup. Have a cry, then dry those tears. Your ex isn’t worth it. Seriously, you can do SO MUCH BETTER.

Yosemite Road Cabernet:

Have a friend over and share some wine – or don’t share, more for you. Just remember, drink and text responsibly. Don’t you pick up that phone.

7-Select Ice Cream:

Scientifically proven to mend broken hearts, right? We’re pretty sure our Fudge Marshmallow Ice Cream can fill the void for now.

Makeup Remover:

Makeup remover wipes are great to have around in general. But for a fresh start, you’ll need a fresh face. Wipe it off and move on. You’ve got this.

Breakups are the worst. This kit won’t mend a broken heart, but it’s a darn good place to start. Cheers to moving forward, brave soul.