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Garland, Texas Franchisee Raj Singh’s Empathy for Customer Doesn’t Go Unnoticed

When fatigue caused forgetfulness, this grateful customer was thankful for a tank full.

Customer Lizz Bargas admits she was tired when she stopped by Franchisee Raj Singh’s Garland, Texas store. She had just finished working an overnight shift when she purchased a few items, gave Raj $20 to fill up her car, and then drove off without getting gas.

It wasn’t until later that day, when the low fuel warning light came on, that Lizz realized her mistake. Returning to the store that evening, she met “Mr. Raj” and explained what had happened. Because it was her error, Lizz expected to hear that nothing could be done.  

Instead,  Raj  was able to  confirm that someone must have filled their tank with the $20 she had paid  and told her to  get  $20 worth of fuel on him.  

“I thanked him kindly and asked his name, so I could write this letter to you recognizing his kindness, generosity and true sense of empathy,” Lizz wrote in a letter to the 7-Eleven “Voice of the Customer” department.

Thank you, Raj, for doing the right thing for your customers and for being a 7-Eleven Hero!